Python script to check if file is locked also display last modified time

To lock file for testing use this command 

The below command will lock /home/ubuntu/fileloc

flock -x -w 5 /home/ubuntu/fileloc echo "4" >  /home/ubuntu/fileloc && sleep 5

import os, time
import datetime as dt

def is_locked(filepath):
    locked = None
    file_object = None
    if os.path.exists(filepath):
            print "Trying to open %s." % filepath
            buffer_size = 8
            # Opening file in append mode and read the first 8 characters.
            file_object = open(filepath, 'a', buffer_size)
            if file_object:
                print "%s is not locked." % filepath
                locked = False
        except IOError, message:
            print "File is locked (unable to open in append mode). %s." % \
            locked = True
            if file_object:
                print "%s closed." % filepath
        print "%s not found." % filepath
    return locked

def wait_for_files(filepaths):

    for filepath in filepaths:
       if is_locked(filepath):
            print "%s is currently in use." % \
            st = os.stat(filepath)    
            mtime = dt.datetime.fromtimestamp(st.st_mtime)
            print('%s modified %s'%(filepath, mtime))


# Test
if __name__ == '__main__':
    files = [r"/home/ubuntu/filelock"]
    print wait_for_files(files)


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