Free training for freshers in hyderabad.

Course Goals and Target Audience

1) Training for freshers in Hyderabad
2) For someone new to IT field
3) Looking for career in IT field
4) If you are in IT field and you are afraid of it 
5) Any one with basic qualifications and want use computer
6) Basic skills for every software professional
7) You don't know anything and want to buy computer
8) Setting up home network with home theater by yourself

Note: I will cover basic usage of all tools .
I will lay a geek path walking,running on it is up to you ( distance unlimited )

All the classes with be live graphic oriented i will use internet.

searching techniques to solve your problem on your own.

Start with CPU,RAM,HDD

download software , movies , books etc

ecommerce and shopping online 

Various payment gateways and how they work ( google checkout, paypal )

I will known your background, What are your interests
what kind of career you are looking for 

Operating system basics ( including installation and configuration )

Windows/Linux/unix/apple ios/android basics

how internet works 
Desktop applications vs web application vs webservices
RSS feeds,Social media
how to create websites
Basic tools ( MSpaint,Notepad )

I will cover all basic tools required in daily life
below is the sample list

image editing , video editing, audio editing , printing , CD/DVD burning

MS office

Basics of networking 
setting up wired and wireless networks

Securing your pc with antivirus and securing your data.

Choosing your path and what you want to become 

Expalin various roles and responsibilities .

This course is free and intended to build a good Community

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