Step by Step method to upgrade RHEL5 to RHEL6

First on current RHEL5 backup the list of packages installed just in case if you want to cross verify.

rpm -qa --queryformat "%{NAME}\n" | sort > /root/all_old_packages

Check Selinux is enabled or not if enable disable it and uninstall it .

command used is


SELinux status:                 disabled  ( in my case it is disabled )
 vi /etc/inittab change to runlevel 3

id:3:initdefault:  ( mine is a server which is already in runlevel 3 )


remove old docs

rm -rf /usr/share/doc/HTML/*/docs/common ( this is mandatory else upgrade will fail)


Now boot with RHEL6 DVD on boot menu press esc

then enter " linux upgradeany "

Follow instructions and you are done . IF you face any issues you can got to other run levels and check what caused failure. You can troubleshoot that issue and upgrade. During my installation i faced only one issue . That is the reason i have deleted old documents.


kumar said...

hi sir,
please help me out with some suggestion for learning linux as i am very intrestrd in linux and i want to build my career towards it.
currently i am working in an MNC but i am not working on linux platform.i am going to complete my 2 years in few months and i haven't done any kind of certifications also atleast.
please help with some tips and advice on how to mould my career as luinux admin.
with regards,

Anonymous said...

Mail me instead of commenting on blog. I cant reply you or my blog members as they login using their google account .I cant communicate with them.

kumar said...

thank you.

Naresh Surampudi said...

This is bare minimum requirement which will include only OS upgrade . Let me know once you are done.

RameshV said...

Please let me know whether RH Linux 6 will keep all the file systems intact after upgrade from 5 to 6.
Thank you.

Naresh Surampudi said...

yes it will keep file system intact