Make a Deal fraud in Hyderabad Victim's Society, In orbit mall city center

Hi all,
ha ha... laughing seeing the title Victim's society......

I am one of the victim of "make a deal" fraud done in hyderabad ( lost 50K)
My name is Naresh
Contact no : 9000608609

 this fraud happened in "In-Orbit" and "City Center" Malls in Hyderabad.

Here is what happened..
Stalls were setup in these malls attracting customers to pay Rs 50 and get gift vouchers/mobile recharge worth Rs 250, immediately.
Customers were promised to get Reebok vouchers to be mailed to their address.
The caveat however is the customer has to use his/her "Debit Card" to make initial Rs 50 payment.
As soon as the card is swiped and pin entered the details were captured, i believe in the card swipe machine.
After a few days when salaries were credited to the account, these fraudsters had cleaned the account.
I heard of customers who were happy getting Baskin Robins vouchers immediately, and these "satisfied customers" informed friends and family to avail this amazing "Make a deal" offer.

Lets all fight in common.....Lets join our hands 

I posted this to unite all victims so that we can fight back !!!

Feel free to contact me and join in group

Police told we will be gathered to record a statement...Don't know how far police will help us.

Lessons we learnt:

1) Use credit cards, We have time to block the transaction if it is Unauthorized
2) Don't reveal Debit Card pins even to your friends.
3) Don't use Debit card of your salary account anywhere. ( Transaction done once salary got credited)
   Maintain alternative Debit cards with small amounts
4) Frequently change ATM pins, account passwords. 

News about this scam on DC


Anonymous said...

where did you get cheated from In-orbit mall or
City center... Its a big cheating scam .. What police are doing ?? will they catch them ??
If they catch them will they give money back ??
what is the process ??

Anonymous said...

hi, even am one of the victim. and i have lost 25000. i realy dont think that the money would get recovered. because when i lodged a complaint, ctberabad police saying there are many scams in lakhs. but what about an individual where even a single rupee worth values to them?

Anonymous said...
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sun said...

These people basically do the campaigning in shopping malls. They ask to pay Rs. 50 through DEBIT (ATM) CARD ONLY. In return you get Rs. 250 talk time on your mobile irrespective of your subscriber (Airtel, IDEA or any other). They swipe the card and take all the information, they will ask you to enter your four digit PIN number also. Surprisingly Rs. 50 is not deducted from your account and YOU MAY ACTUALLY GET Rs. 250 TALK TIME ALSO. But this is just the starting, after 2-3 days you will suddenly get a message that Rs. 10000 (or more; up to 50,000 - 1 lakh) has been debited from you account. This is a genuine ATM transaction which happened through your account but you will still be having your debit card (Surprising; isn't it!!). So somebody has got all the information about your debit card and made an exact duplicate card out of it. The maximum amount he can withdraw is limited to maximum amount that can be withdrawn from ATM in a day.

So first thing that you need to do if you are victim of this scam is call your bank and freeze your account, so that no more transaction is possible. Then i would suggest to change your debit card itself. Changing the PIN should solve the problem, but you may not like to take a chance when somebody is having a carbon copy of your ATM card. Second action would be to lodge a complaint in the nearest Police station to the spot where this incident happened. So if they are caught, there is some probability of getting your money back.

They do all this on the name of a website I opened it when the campaigning was going on and this website actually existed. But now it does not exist anymore. It was a fake website where you can see some random deals but cannot buy any. They probably will not come back with the same idea, but they may come back with some irrational idea again if they are not caught by police. Estimated money involved in this scam can be up to 10-20 crores.

They have done this in different cities including Hyderabad (City center and Inorbit mall). So please beware of any scams which involves giving some small money and getting 3-4 times of benefit.

I lost 15000. Sad.

Anonymous said...

I lost 15000 and i went to cyber police station today to lodge a complaint. Number of complaints are increasing, so police may start taking this seriously. Total money involved in this fraud is around 2 crore.

But i met a guy today who lost 41000 today..that means fraudsters are still active in withdrawing money. I personally changed my account today.

Anonymous said...

hello..even i lost money in lakhs..could you help me out plz..i donno wat to der any chance to get money back..

Anonymous said...

guys wake up....... i already posted a comment on 6th. i lost more than 25k. if this news was spread ed by 5th at least , many more people would have saved their money. i really do not understand why media and police are not active in broadcasting the news through electronic and paper media!!!
and i realy wonder, city center mall fellow is take it so lite and pushing it on the agency which they deal with the clients. whoever it might be, we trusted the malls city center or inorbit, so they are the sole responsible.

Naresh Surampudi said...
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Anonymous said...

Inorbit mall is waste shopping mall... Please dont trust anything there

Anonymous said...


You are now experiencing it..

As Long as Public is Ignorant of things
you will be always beware
watch things happening around,notify,

its every citizens responsibility or else the
same above thing repeats.

rajesh said...

Make a deal hyderabad fraud victims group make a huge gathering thru

Lets inspire with Wael Ghonim

Anonymous said...

One of my friend lost 14k and he thought some issue from the bank side. but later in the day he got know that he was duped. UGLY this whole thing is. we need to be careful and spread awareness about the safe use of Debit/Credit Cards.