Troubleshooting network Bandwidth Usage - Mahesh Patil ( )

a) dstat  -f             <==== Showed me that there is more network traffic on  eth1  when compared to eth0 and that too.. it is outgoing traffic.

b) iftop -i eth1        <====  Confirms what dstat says and also mentions  which IP is pulling Data from some 'X' location

c) nethogs eth1     <==== Shows which process is the culprit.  apache2 is the process using up the bandwidth in sending job.

 Once it was established that it was Apache process.. I stopped and restarted it.  Looks like what ever process was downloading data  got canceled and the network usage has come down to normal.

Tested with  the above commands again after apache restart to confirm same.

vnstat  <== good command to tell the usage.

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