Solution : Vmware VM import Failed to open disk scsi0:0: Unsupported and/or invalid disk type 7. Did you forget to import the disk first?Unable to create virtual SCSI device for scsi0:0, Module DevicePowerOn power on failed.

This error comes when thin provisioned VMDK file is imported as new vm from backup, or clone VM.

error : "Failed to open disk scsi0:0: Unsupported and/or invalid disk type 7. Did you forget to import the disk first?Unable to create virtual SCSI device for scsi0:0,  Module DevicePowerOn power on failed."

solution : reimport the VM using the "zeroedthick"
for doing this.....

Go to /vmfs/volumes/yourdatastore/

and then give the following command

vmkfstools -i Ubuntu-server.vmdk -d zeroedthick Ubuntu-server1.vmdk

after that remove Ubuntu-server.vmdk and rename Ubuntu-Server1.vmdk to Ubuntu-Server.vmdk and continue the process of import it will work.

"zeroedthink" a flat file of full size is created. ( not thin provisioned)

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How to share files between Vmware workstation Guest operating system and Host

  • Both systems run Windows operating systems, using Windows file sharing
  • You are connecting from a Linux system to a Windows system, using smbmount
  • You are connecting from a Windows system to a Linux system, using Samba
  • Both systems run Linux operating systems, using NFS, FTP and Telnet 
For this to work set up your virtual machine using NAT networking.Besides giving the virtual machine a direct connection to the host computer's network, NAT networking sets up a virtual network adapter on the host computer. You can use this adapter, which connects to a virtual switch identified as vmnet8, to communicate between host and virtual machine. You can also connect two or more virtual machines using vmnet8. For details on NAT networking, see Network Address Translation (NAT)

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Top VMware Virtulization blogs

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free Vsphere training
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please post the other blogs in comments which you find intresting

Hyderabad Cloud Computing Group

Are you interested in Cloud Computing ?? Are you from Hyderabad ??

Then this the Spot for you to Share your knowledge and get some.........


IAAS, PAAS, SAAS - A to Z of Cloud Computing and Virtualization.
KVM Qemu XEN Virtio Opennebula.. you name it.. we cover it.
Discuss and share ideas about Cloud Implementation, Deployment and applications.
Cloud at Datacenters, Cloud in Enterprise, Cloud for HPC, Cloud for Genomic computation.
Cloud & Multitenancy, Service Models.. Cloud Eco-system .. and more.

I have attended the meet up... It  was amazing knowledge sharing session.. I'm Waiting for more.........

Here are few snaps

I strongly recommend you to join this group ................

TCP/IP user commands that may be used to display various network-related information

Display the name of the local system

Display information about network interfaces (also configure them)

Perform a simple network connectivity test

Display or modify the IP-to-MAC address-translation tables

Display various network usage statistics

Display or modify the static routing tables

Determine the route to a specified target host

Determine IP address-to-hostname and other translations produced by the Domain Name Service

Intel turbo boost demo

various virtualization file extentions

vmware virtual machine (.vmx)
Microsoft virtual pc or vrtual server virtual machines (.vmc)
Syamantec livestate recovery image (.sv2i)
acronis true image backup (.tib)
storageCraft shadowStor (.spf)
parallels virtualization products (.pvs)