Vmware guided Consolidation Step by Step

General scenario where guided consolidation is useful.

if you have some number 10 to 20 physical servers in a

data-center and you want to consolidate them

( Consolidate means turning physical servers to virtual )

Then Vmware guided consolidation is useful.

For guided consolidation of data-center 3 steps are involved


first the find process involves finding of all physical servers

that needs consolidation.

Then GC ( guided consolidation ) will analyze performance data on

those physical machines for period of time .

Then physical resources are compared to Virtual resources weather t

the required resources are available.

This Guided Consolidation is Free but available only for Vsphere.

vCenter Guided Consolidation is a plug-in to Vsphere

make sure this plug-in is installed.


Collector Service,
Converter Service, and
vCenter Server

Should be running ( check this in Vcenter configuration )

From there in Vcenter got to

Home > Solutions and Applications > Guided Consolidation

from there it is pretty self explanatory we can follow

the step by step procedure as we do for installation.

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