How to Use a USB device with ESX step by step

 For a specific VM

a) go to add hardware
b) in Device type select USB controller
c) Then associate any installed USB to the VM as required.

I am answering the doubts you get below :) .

No need to shutdown VM to add USB device.
virtual hardware version 7 is required.
USB device can be associated with only one virtual machine at any time
if hot add feature is enabled for that VM
that is,  if hot add of Processor or Memory is enabled for that VM , the USB device must be removed before using hot add functionality.
(If not you may receive serious data loss so be careful )

We can use USB device for DRS but its not recommended.
( for using this we should turn off  DPM ( distributed power management )
as USB device doesn't work in power saving mode ... :)

For currently supported USB devices click here

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