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What is Webkeepass?   
A free, easy to use password manager which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. Focused on deep encryption and ease of use. Also supports importing/exporting of KeePass data!

How to Use WebkeePass:

 There are 4 sections in webkeepass:

1) work with my passwords

                   - My passwords Profile
                   - Edit My password
                   - My password by category

2) KeePass import/export

                  -  import KeePass xml
                  - export KeePass xml

3)work with shared passwords

                  - Share my passwords
                  - My passwords shared profile
                  - Passwords shared by others

4)work with web users

                 -  Web user profile
                 -  Edit web users
                 - Web user group profile
                 - Edit web user groups 
Admin will work with all the 4 sections, whereas normal user, as far now is granted to use only 1 and 3 sections.  

How to Login?
                               URL :  https://Yourpublicip:8443/                           - External
                                          https://localhost:8443/                                 - Internal

you need to have credentials to login to webkeepass.

What to do After Logging In?

Edit Password: If you want to store your personal usernames and passwords :

 click on Edit My password ->     Give password ID(It can be IP or Name)
                                                       Enter username and password.

beside password box you can see … button, you can use this button not to show password as  you type. Just beside that you can see one more button, which can be useful to create password. Incase If you want to copy the password, you can use the Last button, and use your gedit or notepad to save the password within 10 seconds.
Click on “Update changes” which is on top menu.
Now you have saved one password. Likewise, you can save as many passwords as you want.

My Passwords Profile:     You can use this button to List out all the Password IDs of yours:

If you want to share your Passwords, Select the option “share my password”

Share My Passwords:

In the above picture you can see Password ID#. Click on it and you can see screen like below:

Select the Password ID that you want to share and Double click it. It will be shown in the Password ID# box like below.

From the above picture, you can see one option saying New Share. Select it, and then enter webuser/web group name, to whom you want to share.(Note: case sensitive).

 For this you need to know web user id / web user group name.
Web user groups :          Management
development and testing.

Web user names:

Then check the box share active. Later if you want to remove the share, just uncheck the share active check box.Click on Update Changes. You can see confirmation message like this.

My shared Password Profile:
Here you can see, what are the Password IDs that you are sharing to others.

Passwords Shared By Others:
If you want to see, what are all the passwords are shared to you by admin or  others. Click on  “ Passwords shared by others”.

At Bottom, you can see view password option. Use this to see any of the passwords that are shared to you.

Work with Web Users profiles:   Here we can define the usernames and passwords, who can login to WebkeePass interface.
Edit Web Users:

Give user ID and Password. Address information is optional. In Access Information box, we need to check user active and add that user to any of the web groups we have created or already created. By default, there are two web groups:
1)    Admins
2)    Users
    Enter the User Group appropriate and then click on Add/Update. Now he can login via web with the url given along with credentials provided.

Web User Profile:
Here we can see how many web users are existed and to which they belong to.

Web User Groups:   To create new web user group: click on Edit web User Groups.

Enter UserGroup and then check Group Active box ….etc. Use Menu XML button to select type of xml sheet to be used , give date format, select server access.
Now, click on Add/Update to add the web group.
Why do we need this Web Groups?
If you have observed how we are sharing our Password IDs. They can be shared to web user/web group. Most of the time, it is very difficult to share the password ID to each individual users. It consumes lot of time. So what we can do? Since, we have created few groups. At the time of creating users add them to appropriate groups. While sharing simply share to the group. Now all the group members can have access to the share.
Web User Group Profile:
Click on WebUserGroupProfile. You’ll be shown nothing there.

Click on ‘Find-it’ which you can see on top. Now you will be displayed all the groups that are existed like below:

That’s it.


Options                                                                          Usage
My Password Profile          ---------------------->      To list out all the Password IDs
Edit Password                    ---------------------->      create new Password IDs
Share My Passwords      ---------------------->     To share passwords to web users/web groups           
My shared Password Profile ---------------------->     To List out all the passwords that are shared.
Passwords shared By others    ---------------------->   To view the passwords that are shared by others
Web User Profile         ---------------------->        To list out all the web users existed
Edit Web Users       ---------------------->     To create new web users and add them to any web group
Web User Group Profile      ---------------------->     To see all the web groups which are created
Edit Web User Groups         ---------------------->    To create New web User Group

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