Enable root user login ESX using SSH or Via SCP

By default root user is not allowed to login ESX using SSH or SCP

Steps to allow root user login ( IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO LOGIN AS ROOT )

1. Goto ESX server console

2. login as normal User

3. SU as root ( su root )

4. cd /etc/ssh

5. then ls -l

6.  sshd_config file is present there ( that is the file we should modify )

7. then vi sshd_config

8. PermitRootLogin no ( by default , so change that to yes )

9. PermitRootLogin yes ( save and exit)

10. Restart service sshd daemon

11. /sbin/service sshd restart

12. reconnect and try to login as root ( hmm !!! it works !! )

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