Creating and Managing Virtual Networks Part 1

We start with

1) Identifying the compents of virtual Netwoks

2) creating virtual switches and virtual Switch port groups

3) managing NIC teams

4)managinv Virtual LANs (VLANs)

5)configuring virtual switch security policies


it resides in vmkernel , it manages traffic between virtual machines


Its on virtual switch (logical object).

it provies services for Service console,Vmkernel and hosted virtual machines

i) service console port : It is configured with an IP address to allow access to service console at that respective address.(vswif)

ii)VMkernel port: it is configured with IP address to allow access to VMotion,
iscsi storage or NAS/NFS storage access,

this is referred as (vmknic)

iii)VM port group:it is switch to switch connection which allows VMs to access physical networks

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