Various Virtulization solutions and Vmware Virtual Infrastructure suite

Various virtualization solutions include

Vmware vSphere
Citrix XenServer
Microsoft Hyper-v

there are many other solutions but these are widely used.

Among them Vmware is the top product. Their solutions are stable,efficient and its a complete virtualization solution.

They have developed a pack of solutions and still continuing with its development.
this is called Virtual Infrastructure suite or shortly VI.

this suite contains

Esx server

Virtual SMP (symmetric multi processing)


Infrastructure Client


Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)

High Availability (HA)

Consolidated Backup (VCB)

i have not mentioned the versions because here i just wanted to focus on showing different products vmware offers in its Vmware Infrastructure Suite.
I will try to brief all the above mentioned topics in coming articles

Compare Vsphere editions

Essentials for Retail
Essentials Plus for Retail




Enterprise Plus

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