About ESX Server


Esx server is core product of Vmware.

It functions as Hyper visor or Virtulization Layer

It is foundation of Virtual Infrastructure Suite

Its a Bare metal Installation ( It doesn't need operation system )

Its runs only on 64-bit servers

It comes in 3 flavors
1. ESX Full
2. ESXi
3. ESXiFree

As its bare metal installation Hardware resources are highly utilized by
Virtual machines. As resources are not utilized by Host operation system
And one more thing is no limitation on hardware usage.

Esx server has two components

Service Console :

its OS used to manage ESX Server and virtual machines that run on the server.
these include firewall,SNMP agents,Web server.
This Service Console is Redhat Based. and Not the Kernel


it manages virtual machine's access to the underlying physical hardware
Cpu scheudling
Memory Management
Virtual Switch data processing

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