Name as many shells as you can (or) How many SHELL are there in Unix/Linux

== Shells ==
* Name as many shells as you can.
Bourne shell (sh)
Almquist shell (ash)
Debian Almquist shell (dash)
Bourne-Again shell (bash)
Friendly interactive shell (fish)
Korn shell (ksh)
C shell (csh)
TENEX C shell (tcsh)
Es shell (e
esh (Unix) Easy Shell
rc shell (rc) - shell for Plan 9 and Unix
runscript The initial shell interpreter used to process startup scripts in Gentoo
scsh (Scheme Shell)
Stand-alone Shell (sash)
Z shell (zsh)

* After u answer that question they may ask " What's your favorite shell? Why? "
bash - it rocks and feature rich.

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