How do you debug a core dump

dbx-core-'exename' If you want to migrate a 32 bit application to a 64 bit os, what all would you check I am assuming the question is - port 32 bit appl to 64 bit os. This can a simple checklist of things one can check for - 1. Int, long will be 64 bits so care should be taken to see if there are any comparisons or allocations that assume a certain fixed amount of Memory 2. short is 32 bit and long long are 128 bit - conversion and assignment issues around mixing ints with longlongs / shorts and ints 3. ptr* is 64 bit, make sure things are properly aligned (in some OSes where alignment is a concern) 4. if the 32 appl has to run as is in a 64 bit machine then care should be taken to do so(coexistence of 32 and 64 bit application) 5. compilers and makefile issues should be handled

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